How the cryptocurrency is being cleaned up?

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The main work of cryptocurrency mixers is that for one common crypto wallet, all users send their cryptomonets, the ones they need "clear", and from this wallet, the administration of the mixer is already outputs these amounts to other wallets minus the commission. Since all transactions are mixed, this service received its name as - mixer, blender, cryptocurrency tumbler.

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Strengths 8itMix

Service 8itMix it is a modern and reliable mixer from the competitors available now, everything is here it is automated and all transactions and mixing are much faster and no intervention is required, only in some cases you may need the help of moderators or admins.

The anonymity of your cryptomonets is ensured by a large number of transfers between wallets, thus to the most pure and anonymous bitcoins are returned to you, no one will be able to use this method of purification today track.

When someone needs to track transactions, they will see a large number of incoming transfers to the mixer wallet and no fewer transactions at the output, while it is almost impossible to determine any correspondence or connecting links, because the number of coins entered and withdrawn do not match anywhere.

Our service is the best among the competitors, this is evidenced by statistical indicators. We have the most the best statistics on the results of mixing bitcoin for the majority of users.

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3 main advantages that have been confirmed by many years of working with customers on the service 8itMix:

1. 100% anonymity of transactions.
2. Fast mixing speed.
3. Low commission.

Due to the fact that no personal information is required from you, as well as the logins you entered, there is no saved. We offer very fast transactions with absolute anonymity, the transactions of which are not traceable.