Bitcoin Mixer. What is it for and how it works

bitcoin tumbler

Bitcoin, like many altcoins, is a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency. This means that, contrary to the expectations of most users, it is possible to track the sender and recipient of the tokens transferred on the network by linking the cryptocurrency wallet and your name. So, for example, the easiest way to find out personal data is if you have at least once bought Bitcoin using payment services (Qiwi, WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.) or bank cards.

But the methods of deanonymization used by fraudsters, government and other organizations do not end there. That is why many crypto enthusiasts use special services - Bitcoin mixers. What it is and why they are needed - we will consider in our article!

bitcoin tumbler

What is a Bitcoin mixer and what is its role?

Bitcoin mixer (sometimes also called bitcoin tumbler) is a special service or application that was created for crushing and mixing Bitcoin cryptocurrency in order to ensure the secrecy and anonymity of the transaction.

It is very popular on the network, since after mixing it is almost impossible (and sometimes completely, it all depends on the mixer) to track the transaction. Nevertheless, they are being fought at the state level in many countries of the world, because complete anonymity is often used for fraudulent activities, money laundering, drug trafficking and other illegal operations.

bitcoin mixer

Principle of operation

Bitcoin mixers work on the principle of crushing funds into small parts and then mixing them with the same parts of other users' tokens. In simple terms, the service works simultaneously with a large number of users, accepts their cryptocurrency, splits it into parts, sends it to the pool, mixes it using a special algorithm and distributes it to different crypto wallets. The user receives the same number of coins that he sent, minus the commission, which differs depending on the number of sent tokens, service policy, network load, number of mixes.

what are bitcoin mixer

Since mixers work to ensure anonymity on the network, registration on such sites is optional, no personal data is required. If necessary, a letter of guarantee is issued. There are two types of mixers:

  • centralized - have a governing body that acts as an intermediary;
  • peer-to-peer - work without the direct intervention of developers, service employees, or any other intermediary.

The first appeared centralized services, peer-to-peer - a little later. Nevertheless, it was the latter that gained the greatest popularity, since they are more reliable and improved.

Main advantages and disadvantages

In short, the main advantage of Bitcoin Mixer is the ability to work completely anonymously, to conduct a transaction that is absolutely unrelated to your name. It is also important that the user does not need to have special knowledge or make a lot of effort for this. But there are also negative sides that appear only in the case of the wrong choice of service. This is the risk of getting "dirty" digital money, getting your own money back, or, if anonymity is incomplete, attracting the attention of law enforcement agencies in countries where mixers are prohibited.

8itmix Bitcoin mixer is one of the most reliable Bitcoin mixers, it has two mixing modes:

  • 1. "Mixer" mode - your coins enter our bitcoin mixer, depersonalize and then go to the exchange. Coins of other users of the "Complete anonymity" mode are returned to you after anonymization.
  • 2. "Full anonymity" mode - your impersonal coins are broken into parts and go to the clients of the "mixer" mode, and the rest to the exchanges, to private traders. You receive clean coins from other exchanges, without communication with you, and with protection from all types of de-anonymization. The turnover of exchanges is over 1,000,000 BTC per day.

This will allow you to customize the mixing of your coins in more detail for your purposes.