What are the advantages of AQUANEE that you should pay attention to by giving Gamefi a real “Game" attribute?

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Since 2021, GameFi has gradually entered the mainstream with the concept of "Play to Earn" and has achieved explosive growth. In particular, Axie Infinity, as the most typical example of a new model of gaming economy, overnight made the "Play to earn" model popular all over the world. This opens up a whole new space for development and imagination for GameFi.

However, although P2E mode allows people to earn income by playing games and trading NFT, thereby opening up space for GameFi development, there is no denying that the traditional "Play to Earn" mode should be improved as GameFi develops. Ultimately, it is necessary to improve GameFi's playability by giving GameFi a real attribute of the game.

AQUANEE: Give GameFi a real attribute of "Games"

As a major gaming ecosystem built on the blockchain gaming platform, AQUANEE aims to create a GameFi where players can enjoy the real value of the game through a diverse ecosystem spanning the game project, DEX and NFT markets to create value as well as leisure.

Unlike many Axie card games, AQUANEE is more like a blockchain version of 3D Coin Master, which not only enhances social attributes, but also inherits the classic strategic gameplay of traditional SLG, which has significantly increased its competitiveness in the market.

play to earn

Ladder rating of all players

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Players can steal from other players' territories

Set in a world inspired by sea creatures that is similar to Coin Master gameplay, AQUANEE uses lucky GAME's random steps to help players randomly select missions for upcoming adventures, either to participate in a PVP battle or to receive rewards directly from the system. Before entering the game, the player must raise his pet AQUA, which is randomly incubated and born with certain experience attributes that help the player receive rewards in the form of tokens in random missions. If you enter combat mode, you will need to organize your platoon and combat strategies based on your AQUA skills to get resources for survival, as well as collect and develop the resources of the AQUANI world to build your own kingdom and save their inhabitants from war and extinction. AQUA can explore the world independently or as a team - players can fight each other in tournaments of different seasons and join guilds for adventures.

In AQUANEE, players can attack other players' territories, destroy their jewelry and earn NEE, or "raid" by digging up buried treasures in their territories. AQUANEE will continue to implement this type of community interaction to enhance the social nature of the game.

The introduction of Unity3D modeling will expand the virtual reality gameplay and will contribute to the creation of UGC in the future

To be honest, GameFi as a whole is still very simple and raw, with an economic model that needs to be improved, and is hardly reproducible compared to traditional games with rich gameplay. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of polished graphics compared to the polished pages of traditional games today.

AQUANEE uses Unity3D modeling to provide players with the capabilities of mobile games and their maximum compatibility, thanks to which the GameFi screen has finally changed and is gradually comparable to the appearance of traditional online games.

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In order to make AQUANEE a full-fledged metaverse to provide players with a richer gaming experience. In addition to PC and mobile games, AQUANEE will provide VR versions of its games to players in the future, which can be used on wearable devices after launch. Currently, the Meta version of AQUANEE is connected to virtual reality. One can imagine that users can enter the three-dimensional world of AQUANEE from the point of view of God with the help of VR equipment or as an AQUA that they bring up. They can personally participate in research events in the game, or get NEE and AQDC in a bag, or form a team with other Aquas to participate in the battle and wander through the territory of their own civilization.


AQUANEE, on the other hand, plans to introduce its own virtual idol, which will not only strengthen the brand of the game, but also replace the host of the game and allow users to interact with the game live. Maybe the press secretary is introducing a new way of playing, or maybe the press secretary is fighting with the user as a team in the game, which can provide users with an unprecedented new game experience. AQUANEE IP, which includes virtual anchors, applications, short videos, etc., may be the answer to the "metaverse" that the market has been looking for for so long.

At the same time, most of the AQUANEE team members are veterans of the traditional gaming industry, rich experience in game development can not only guarantee the quality of the game. It also brings certain benefits to the channel and the accumulation of users into the game, and on this basis it can also contribute to the conversion and entry of a large number of users of traditional games. The clean version is also scheduled to launch within a month on Steam and other app stores such as Google Play and Apple Store, and the introduction of technologies and products is progressing in accordance with the roadmap.

The future of the public AQUA network can be expected

At the game development stage, in addition to joining the game development team and public network development talents, the AQUANEE development team also takes into account the difference in user experience due to the performance of the blockchain. In addition to improving the game mechanics, AQUANEE will also launch its own public network and development tools to promote long-term environmental expansion. All AQUANEE players can invest in UGC creation to create their own unique home. Creators can also sell and donate their unique UGC home works as NFT assets in ecology and receive corresponding income from copyrights and rewards for sharing, gradually forming a strong AQUANEE ecosystem.

AQUA public chain has developed a number of auxiliary tools, such as DEX, wallet and SDK for an open platform, which provide an excellent guarantee of reliable operation of the economic model, as well as the circulation and security of user assets. AQUA public link will launch an SDK to facilitate access by third-party game developers in one click, completing the transition to GameFi. The inter-chain collaboration of the AQUA public network is also reflected in the fact that all NFT products on the market are connected to AQUANEE through the connecting bridge of the basic AQUA public network technology in order to realize greater integration of the AQUANEE metaverse.

In order to launch GameFi consistently and successfully in the long term, it is necessary to think from different perspectives, create a holistic ecosystem to reduce barriers for users and combine operational game planning with rapid iteration to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.


According to DFC statistics, almost a third of people on earth play video games, among which 2.1 billion people play at least once a month and have high purchasing power. The value of the global market in 2020 will be $162.32 billion, and it is expected to reach $295.63 billion in 2026. The cumulative annual growth rate from 2021 to 2026 is projected to be 10.5 percent.

AQUANEE, with the support of DeFi, NFT, metaverse, etc., as well as its own unique economic model and innovative GameFi methods (team combat, VR/AR, etc.), creates a new gaming experience different from the past. This kind of interactivity and high openness cannot be realized by traditional games. So the AQUANEE experiment is worth following, given the ups and downs of the development of the GameFi industry.