Cryptocurrency payment: 12 companies accepting Bitcoin

миксер криптовалют

Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency, it is not available everywhere as a payment method. It is unknown what the bitcoin exchange rate will be today or tomorrow. Most people use the crypt for the purpose of accumulation or investment. However, one of the important signs of "money" is using it as a payment method.

Despite everything, the cryptocurrency strives to take its place in the financial world. Already today, several global companies are ready to accept payments in cryptocurrency. We offer you a list of companies that have decided to accept payment with cryptocurrency.


миксер криптовалют

The airline, which is based in Latvia and has determined the vector of cryptocurrency in the world. Pushing other companies to accept payment with crypto in 2014. It has been more than 1000 payments for 7 years. This is not so much, but given the development of bitcoin, it can be considered a success. The example was followed by another airline - LOT Polish Airlines.

Group Pavilion Hotels & Resorts group

It is an international hotel chain based in Hong Kong. This is the first company in this field that has introduced cryptocurrency payment. Transactions are carried out through a friendly platform for the hotel chain - Coindirect.


миксер криптовалют

Perhaps one of the most frequent companies mentioned in such lists. It is often an example of companies that accept payment in cryptocurrency. You can pay for goods from the coffee chain through the Bakkt application. They claim that more than half a million people have already used the application and used cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Insurance AXA

Clients of the Swiss insurance company have the opportunity to pay for services through the crypt. This decision to add a cryptocurrency payment method was made due to statistical considerations, since a third of respondents aged 18 to 55 already own cryptocurrency or invest in it.

All transactions are carried out thanks to the crypto exchange Bitcoin Suisse.


миксер криптовалют

So far, a giant like Amazon does not have direct payment via crypt. But through the Bitrefill platform, you can purchase Amazon vouchers, then use them to pay for gift cards, top up your phone account, and so on..


миксер криптовалют

Naturally, such a giant cannot bypass the opportunity to get into the world of cryptocurrency. Trust in the cryptocurrency has increased, including due to the fact that microsoft accepts payments in BTC. You can pay for anything, the replenishment of bitcoins is made in the LC account.


миксер криптовалют

A well-known supporter of everything new and unusual - Elon Musk, could not get past the cryptocurrency in any way. The way Elon expressed himself in relation to the crypto world always shocks the market. Musk invested $ 1,500,000 in cryptocurrency, after which he announced that he would soon begin accepting payment in bitcoins. Further, Tesla suspended all transactions, due to the consumption of electricity during coin mining. They reported that they will resume accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method only after half of the tokens are mined in an environmentally friendly way.


Another very famous company that introduced the ability to pay for everything with cryptocurrency. Also, it is possible to track the cryptocurrency exchange rate in the application. But all these bonuses are only available in the UK. PayPal is silent about other countries.


This company has already tried cooperation with and it turned out to be successful. So far, the Visa accepts only USDC stablecoins.


This famous auction house sold a 101-carat diamond for bitcoin. This is the most expensive item bought by cryptomonets.

Only Ethereum and Bitcoin are accepted. Also, not all products are available for payment by crypt.


Thanks to the partnership with the Centrapay platform, cryptocurrency payment has become available in such a huge company as Coca-Cola. This feature is available only in the Asia-Pacific region and as of 2020, there are already more than 2000 vending machines in Australia and New Zealand that accept payment for drinks in cryptocurrency.


The travel agency cooperates with the travel booking platform Travala, and they, in turn, have long introduced a method of paying for tickets with cryptocurrency.


This is a cosmetics company that has been accepting BTC since 2017. Thanks to the Bitpay partner.

As you can see, quite huge and not only companies have already taken a step towards the crypto world. Every day the cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity, perhaps very soon it will be possible to pay for any goods with cryptocurrency.

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