The reliability of Bitcoin mixers has been confirmed

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Bitcoin Mixer - this is a service that allows its users to completely hide their crypto savings from prying eyes. The demand for bitcoin mixers is increasing every day. Since everyone has known for a long time that cryptocurrency is not anonymous. First of all, secure your assets, because crypto exchanges can block your wallet if they have any suspicion about the legality of your coins. You may even accidentally receive a "dirty" coin (the coin participated in suspicious or illegal transactions) and get banned or account deletion, which is equivalent to the loss of all funds.

However, not everything is so simple. Recent studies have shown that exchanges are also unable to control the entire flow of transactions. Or do not have such a desire. And it was these studies that confirmed the reliability of the bitcoin mixer as a service.

Reliability of Bitcoin mixers. Reports and statistics

An analytical report by Peckshield confirmed that in 2020, cryptocurrency exchanges accepted 147,000 BTC ($1.3 billion) from high-risk addresses.

Research and supervisory companies in the blockchain sphere have been analyzing the risk level of specific transactions that were associated with suspicious wallets for several years.

cryptocurrency mixer

Tributary «highly risky» assets for the first half of 2020

Топ 10 бирж, принимавших средства с подозрительных адресов, входят Huobi, Binance, Форекс, биржа ZB, , Bitmex, Luno, Huobtc, Bithumb и Coinbase.

As for the withdrawal of funds to suspicious addresses, Binance, Huobi, Kraken and Luno were the leaders in the first half of 2020. High-risk addresses included active gambling addresses, addresses that flashed on the darknet, fraud and theft.

According to the Peckshield report, applications that performed transactions bypassing were also checked KYC. The report reports that assets worth $ 1.59 billion were held through such applications.

Peckshield stated that cryptocurrency mixers make it quite difficult to identify the identity of the user of the wallet and coins. Many crypto exchanges Have "compliance issues", thanks to Mixers.

cryptocurrency mixer

The report's findings also note that the movement of the alleged illegal coins represented a total of 13,927 transactions. Peckshield is a blockchain surveillance company, they conduct a lot of statistical research and publish them.

Bitcoin Mixer - the choice of smart people. Ordinary users need to protect their assets from law enforcement agencies and fraudsters. No one will also give you a guarantee that you will receive clean coins when making another purchase online. Therefore, use a bitcoin mixer and be calm about your assets.

We recommend you to use our Bitcoin mixer - it has two mixing modes.

Mixer mode - Your coins enter our bitcoin mixer, are depersonalized and then go to the exchange. Coins of other mode users are returned to you «Complete anonymity», after depersonalization.
Full Anonymity mode - Your depersonalized coins are broken into pieces and go to the clients of the "mixer" mode, and the remainder on the exchange, to private traders. You get clean coins from other exchanges, without communication with you, and with protection from all types of deanonymization. The turnover of exchanges is more than 1,000,000 BTC per day.

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