Cryptocurrency Mixer: the best way to preserve the anonymity of your Bitcoin

биткоин миксер

Many bitcoin users are convinced that bitcoin is completely anonymous and is not tracked by anyone. But this is not entirely true. Your cryptomonets are anonymous for as long as you have not linked your personal data to the wallet. The state authorities are already doing everything to centralize bitcoin. A large number of users have switched to other cryptocurrencies due to the fact that BTC is easy to track.

But thanks to bitcoin mixers, tumblers and a mixer, you can provide completely anonymous transactions and break the connection of your bitcoins with your wallet.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

миксер криптовалют

This is a resource that shuffles your coins with others. It is the mixing of coins among themselves that gives the necessary anonymity, such coins cannot be tracked. As it suggests, everything uncontrolled will be under the supervision of the authorities and now there is some kind of struggle with such services. These actions of the authorities are designated as "anti-money laundering".

  • A very simple but effective principle of operation. You send your coins to the mixer, after which it mixes them between the coins of the same users, and sends them in pieces to different wallets.
  • After the mixer is completed, you are sent completely clean coins, minus the commission.

Cryptocurrency mixers are necessary in order to hide their BTC coins from various extortionists or intruders. In order to protect yourself. But, there are also those users who use mixers for illegal activities.

Mixing process

the principle of operation of the bitcoin mixer

How long does the mixer need to mix the coins?
BTC get into the pool, after which the miner's confirmation is expected and sent to different wallets - the mixing speed directly depends on the amount of coins. Estimated mixing time, approximately as 6 transactions in the blockchain.

Data on the mixing of coins is stored for no more than 72 hours. The created application lives no more than 24 hours from the moment of creation.

No personal information is required to mix coins. And no KYC, mixers do not conduct KYC.

Every time you create applications in the bitcoin mixer - carefully close the tabs. Also, always keep the mixer's letter of guarantee. Since, in case of any problems, without a letter of guarantee, you will not be able to prove in any way that these coins were exactly yours.

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