Bitcoin Anonymity - Myths and Reality

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The main myth of bitcoin is its anonymity. His anonymity is his most important PR tool. But is Bitcoin really anonymous? Let's figure it out.

How it works

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When it comes to cryptocurrency, all information about transactions is recorded in the Blockchain. Blockchain - a continuous sequential chain of blocks (a connected list) containing information built according to certain rules. Then the blockchain stores all the information about your coins: where and where your coins move from.

By analogy, the blockchain can be compared to an accounting book. Information about those who use or have used cryptocurrency. With each transaction, a new record is created, thus creating a complete history of your wallet.

It's possible online, but it's impossible in real life..

Cryptocurrency is simply a number indicating the amount of data of units of account, which is recorded in the corresponding position of the information packet of the data transfer protocol and is often not even encrypted, like all other information about transactions between the addresses of the system. The wallet, in turn, is a storage of blocks, which is designed to update and transmit information about transactions to other wallets. The result is a worldwide network, where its participants are the owners of virtual assets.

Why is cryptocurrency called anonymous

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The lack of formalities in the form of presenting documents confirming your identity and give a false idea of the anonymity of bitcoin. Psychologically, for a person, the provision of personal information is considered deanomization.

However, this is not necessary in the network. Each user is linked to an IP, in this way, it is easy to identify the identity of the owner of the wallet. Even if you have hidden your ip, there are many other factors that will eventually lead to identity.

As a result, we get a chain of blocks in which the address of your wallet flashes. The rest is to prove that the wallet was used from your device. And that's it, no anonymity. By the way, this is how the creator of Silk Road was discovered. Law enforcement agencies calculated part of the transfers and found him, it was William Ulbricht.

In fact, anyone interested in you is able to identify your identity. After all, when shopping online, you use personal information in any case, even if it is an email. With proper knowledge and a little analytics, you can even find out the number of coins in your wallet.


Now with an understanding of how the blockchain works, you understand that bitcoin is not an anonymous coin at all. We get a vicious circle – bitcoin can be anonymous only if it is not used, which makes it useless.

But there is always a way out, for example, to use bitcoin mixers. That is why they appeared in order to anomize their cryptomonets. Goal bitcoin mixers - this is to hide data about your savings and transactions. It will provide you with the desired anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency.

Our Bitcoin Mixer - it has two mixing modes.

"Mixer" mode - Your coins enter our bitcoin mixer, are depersonalized and then go to the exchange. Coins of other mode users are returned to you «Complete anonymity», after depersonalization.
"Complete anonymity" mode - Your depersonalized coins are broken into pieces and go to the clients of the "mixer" mode, and the rest to the exchanges, private traders. You get clean coins from other exchanges, without communication with you, and with protection from all types of deanonymization. The turnover of exchanges is more than 1,000,000 BTC per day.

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